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Looking back to Hallbankgate from Farlam Hall Footpath a_Fotor.jpg

  • Church of St. Thomas a Becket in Kirkhouse

    Church of St. Thomas a Becket in Kirkhouse

  • Clowsgill Quarry top of Hallbankgate

    Clowsgill Quarry at the top of Crossgates Road Hallbankgate

  • Tindale Tarn from the RSPB road ,there is a viewing platform near to the waters edge just off the road

    Tindale Tarn from the RSPB road ,there is a viewing platform near to the waters edge just to the left of the road.

  • Talkin Tarn with Farlam village in the distance

    Talkin Tarn with Farlam village in the distance from viewing point NY551581

  • Farlam Parish outline on Ordnance survey map

    Farlam Parish outline on Ordnance survey map

  • Lime Kiln at Forest Head Quarry

    Lime Kiln at Forest Head Quarry

  • Derelict workers cottage at Forest Head next to the Lime Kiln
  • Panorama Looking to the fells from Talkin Road

    Panorama Looking to the fells from Talkin Road

  • Map of Kirkhouse Farm and Works in 1895
  • Sheep on the Tumulus from Crossgates road Opposite the Village Hall

    Sheep on the Tumulus from Crossgates road Opposite the Village Hall

  • Panorama looking from Forest Head towards the RSPB carpark

    Panorama looking from Forest Head towards the RSPB carpark

  • Lacy Thompson Memorial Hall (Farlam Village Hall)

    Lacy Thompson Memorial Hall (Farlam Village Hall). Viewed from Crossgates Road

Farlam Parish

Farlam is a fell side parish, set at the foot of the North Pennine Fells, some 400 feet above Brampton. It falls to a large extent within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It was the sight of these fells that prompted Francis Jollie, the early 19th century writer to say:-We now approach the mountains on the borders of Northumberland, which are heavy and disagreeable; but to atone for their bare surface and unpleasant appearance, they produce great quantities of coal and limestone (Jollie's Cumberland Guide and Directory,I8II Chap 9 route from Carlisle by the east).

It was this coal and stone that helped to provide income for the Earls of Carlisle and also led to the area being involved with the early rail development.

These disagreeable hills have a far more agreeable use today, because they are largely used for recreation with a large area under the management of the RSPB as the Geltsdale Bird Sanctuary. It is ideal for walkers and bird watchers.


A large portion of the surrounding area is OPEN ACCESS and Cumbria County Council have a very good website with a number of guided walk sheets.  

You can also obtain a map of the Public Rights of Way by following the link to Cumbria County Council 

History, Charm & Community Spirit

The Parish of Farlam originally consisted of East Farlam and West Farlam.
There are five main Villages within the parish, Forest Head, Kirkhouse, Farlam, Tindale and Hallbankgate, plus a number of Hamlets and even more smaller groups of houses that were built for workers and each house would have been one room up and one down, have now two been made into one. The Parish Church, St Thomas a’Becket is in Kirkhouse and the present church built in 1860 sits on a hill above the site where there has been a church since 1169, possibly even earlier and opposite is Kirkhouse Farm that was the heart of the Earl of Carlisle's mining and quarrying operations

Joseph Bell Snr. who’s son Joseph Bell Jr was the Chief Engineer on the Titanic and went down with the ship, lived in Farlam Village and his name has recently been added to the headstone of the family grave in the old graveyard at Kirkhouse.

Hallbankgate is the largest village in the Parish and now has the only remaining Public House, “The Belted Will”, The School, “Hallbankgate Village School”, shop, “The Hub” and Village Hall, “The Lacy Thompson Memorial Hall”

Latest Parish News

Farlam Parish Council Need some more people

Farlam Parish


May 2021
Farlam Parish Council  Logo


Farlam Parish Council is seriously short of Parish Councillors. We are down to five and this is having a detrimental effect on the running of the Council.
Some of the functions of the Parish Council:-
1/ The payment of contractors as they fall due.
2/ Pricing and arranging contracts for Grass cutting at various sites around the parish and any other work that requires doing.
3/ The Parish Council is the point of contact and link to the City and County Councils.
4/ The maintenance of the Play Area.
5/ The Parish Trust:- Council members are Trustees of the Parish Trust.
6/ Village Hall:- the Council are Custodian Trustees of the Hall.

The Parish Council holds 6 meetings a year in May, July, September, November, January and March. Parish Councillors are also Trustees of the Parish Trust and the Trust holds 2 meeting a year normally prior to a PC meeting. Trust meetings last 30 minutes and Parish Council meetings approx one and a half hours.
The PC does not have specific sub committees because there have not been enough councillors for many years but it would be good to have one to look after the play area and fund raise to repair and refurbish it. Some items are coming to the end of their life and they would have to be removed before they became unsafe.

Our Parish Clerk Allison Riddell keeps us on the right track. There are also various training courses that can be attended and Councillors can also volunteer to attend meeting of various groups in Carlisle and report back to the PC any relevant information.

Anyone interested in joining this very reduced Parish Council up to full strength please contact:-
the Parish Clerk Allison Riddell Tel. 016977 3382 Email: and there is more information on the Farlam Parish website

or if you would just like some clarification email (Ray Hinton)

Street Light at Crossgates

Crossgates Hallbankgate


May 2021
Street light at Crossgates

This light was damaged in 2017 and Carlisle City Council removed it at the time for safety reasons and despite  numerous requests we haven't until now received any firm answers.

The reasons given 1/  The verge is on the deeds of the houses at Crossgates and as such the owner has to give permission.  He did not.

                            2/    The City Council did cost repositioning the lamp on the other side of the road but decided that it was not cost effective so declined to do it.

                            3/     Unfortunately the Parish Council was not even consulted and therefore  had no impute.

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